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Centrik has made its drone debut at the Commercial UAV Show – find out how it will transform operational management.

You Have Control

Centrik is a scalable, intuitive software solution which gives you complete control over every aspect of your UAS operation.

With Centrik, You Have Control.


An instant CAA/EASA/ICAO compliant Safety Management System, off the shelf. Satisfy the requirements of every jurisdiction in which you fly, with no hassle or fuss.

For managers

  • Get instant updates of every Air Safety Report filed within your system
  • Allocate and monitor every safety task you allocate to your team
  • Analyse your risk according to the international standard
  • Support your Safety Action Group and Safety Review Board Meetings with a clearly auditable Safety Management System.
  • Circulate safety news updates across the team and track who’s read what
  • Share information directly with third parties, including regulators and clients

For staff

  • File Air Safety Reports anywhere, any time – even offline
  • Track the impact of your reporting – see what actions have been taken and how you contribute to operational safety
  • Be fully updated on actions required, and log your activity
  • Access all relevant manuals and reports to better inform your day-to-day operations


Manage risk, predict the future and protect your operations.

For managers

  • Use the heatmap dashboard to analyse your risk according to ARMS methodology and plan appropriate actions
  • Allocate tasks to staff to mitigate risk
  • Share RAMS information directly with third parties, including regulators and clients

For staff

  • File safety reports anywhere, any time – even offline
  • Complete Risk Assessments & Method Statements for every aspect of your operation through a fully customisable reporting system.
  • Be updated about particular risks relevant to your particular duties
  • Be fully updated on actions required and log your activity
  • Share RAMS information with clients on site through your mobile device


Everything you need to check and manage the quality of your operations at the click of a mouse or touch of a screen.

  • Assign tasks to team members and suppliers, and easily follow up
  • Schedule and record internal and external audits – online or offline
  • Track according to heatmaps and KPIs
  • Share audit information direct with the regulators
  • Satisfy the requirements of ICAO/EASA/CAA


Go beyond simple safety management and take total control of training and development.

For managers

  • Manage and monitor CPD across all staff members regardless of job role
  • Central database of training records that shows complete assessment results
  • Alerts when training certificates are about to expire, so you can manage refresher courses
  • Monitor initial and recurrent training, complete and store Training Evaluation Forms
  • Handy checklists of core competencies show at a glance where there’s room to improve

For staff

  • Access your training record at a glance
  • Prepare for upcoming renewals
  • See how you performed, and how you can improve


The easy access home for all your key documentation such as Ops Manuals, approvals, insurances. Centrik ensures every record, every certificate and every bulletin is at your fingertips.

For managers

  • See every record within your business, when they were last updated, and who’s been reviewing them
  • Notify your team about messages they need to read such as Flight Operations Notices and see when they’ve read them
  • Download automatically when an internet connection is available for later offline access
  • Share certifications and records with the authority or other relevant third parties

For staff

  • Always have the most up-to-date certification and plans with you wherever you are for easy reference
  • Access all the information you need for your day-to-day tasks
  • Free your desk – no need for paper, no risk of losing crucial documents


Make sure your routine meetings deliver exactly what you need, when you need it.

For Managers

  • Simple access to all meeting notes and minutes for your department
  • Allocate actions to staff and track their progression
  • Get total transparency over what your team is doing

For staff

  • Get a clear understanding of your responsibilities and actions
  • Have all the information you need, recorded in an accessible location
  • Keep your team leader appraised of your actions
  • Even if you miss a meeting, have full clarity over your next steps


A Maintenance Management System to actively manage equipment availability, wherever it is.

For equipment managers

  • Instantly know the overall status of your inventory (Platforms, Batteries, Payloads, Ground Control Stations)
  • Pro-Actively manage defects via a Tech Log for each piece of equipment
  • Demonstrate fleet management at the highest levels to third parties
  • Fully scalable from small to large inventorie

For staff

  • Easily report equipment faults anywhere, any time
  • Action updates, track status, know the condition of the equipment you use
  • Access all relevant manuals and reports to better inform your day-to-day maintenance


An integrated planning tool to allocate resources, plan tasks and control equipment usage

For ops managers

  • Allocate manpower & equipment to upcoming tasks
  • Integrate Risk Assessments, Method Statements and client work packs to your planning process
  • Through an integrated Check Out process, ensure all equipment is checked before shipping, every time
  • After tasking, complete a formal Check In procedure to confirm equipment status and raise defect reports
  • Actively track, rectify or defer defects

For staff

  • Plan tasks through a work flow structure
  • Have confidence in your equipment every time you deploy
  • A single point of entry for equipment usage, pilot log book and defect recording


For Managers

  • Create procedures and processes into evolvable and tangible processes
  • Workflows can be checklists or entire project plans, each item can be assigned to different people with set dates and detailed evidence-based completion
  • Create both a consistency and completeness of approach in simple, easy to follow steps
  • Provide a continuity of management cover by retaining core business processes, in the business

For Staff

  • Clear process and procedure laid down in a simple user interface.
  • No need for manuals and paper
  • Evidence based process for completion of any task, however small or large

You Have Control

Centrik provides everything you need to manage your operations, at your fingertips. With modules to manage Risk, Safety, Compliance, Manuals, Documents, Meetings, Training and much more, it’s the only all-in-one management system for every element of your operation, allowing you to differentiate the quality of your operations in a rapidly growing marketplace




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Centrik handles all your management challenges, in the cloud. Built by industry experts and tailored to your business, Centrik provides you and your staff with powerful and intuitive tools, so You Have Control.
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